Tips to earn more tips for PCO drivers!

Tips to earn more tips for PCO drivers!

No matter what our occupation, we always try to earn more. This can be fulfilled by spending more hours on the job, receiving tips, rewards, etc. As a PCO driver, earning more tips is an important issue as at the end of a work day you can double your earnings by receiving good tips. All these, made us provide a list of top tips to earn more tips for any PCO driver. So, if you are interested to know these tricks, read the article to the end carefully.


This Article includes the items below

  • Manners every PCO driver should have
  • Appearance of the car and the driver
  • Other effective factors on receiving tips
  • Conclusion

Manners every PCO driver should have

As a PCO driver there are some personal manners to be obeyed. Even if you are not thinking about receiving more tips, having these manners will make your passenger feel better during the ride.

Being kind and friendly

You can make your riders’ day by smiling on your face, asking them to choose their preferred route, see if they like to listen to a special piece of music during the trip or even offer them to play something with their phone.

Being respectful

Respect your riders even if they are disrespecting, stay silent to avoid any argument. In this way they would understand that you are not looking for trouble.

These days, racism is getting completely omitted so be respectful to all types of passengers with any ethnic and background. Even if you are a racist person, try to forget it for a short time, while driving as a PCO driver.

Make fun if you feel your passenger is uncomfortable

Talking about daily news and politics is not a good choice while you literally don’t know your passenger. Try to tell a funny but not rude joke and make the atmosphere warmer and more friendly so that the rider would feel better as well.

  Appearance of the car and the driver

Appearance of everything is the first issue that catches the audience’s eye. As a PCO driver your car and the way you look are the first things any passenger sees.


Being neat is the best style. You need to be comfortable as you might be driving for hours without rest so the clothes you wear need to be completely comfortable but it doesn’t mean wearing pajamas! It is also a good idea to keep spare outfits in the trunk as you might spill coffee or other drinks you have in your rest time.

As another important tip, in these Covid19 days, wear a face mask and keep some new face masks in your car. If the passenger didn’t have a face mask, offer them to use one. It shows you care about their health.


The car should be also clean both outside and inside. Have a vacuum cleaning every weekend or anytime it is needed. Try to use sprays to make your car smell nice. Believe it or not, these things are really effective in sending positive energy to your clients.

Other effective factors on receiving tips

Being helpful

If you are taking a passenger from the airport, train station, etc. or vice versa, taking them to these locations, they probably have lots of carriages. Help them in setting the baggage into the trunk and let them feel less stressful.

If you see the passenger is not feeling well, like having problems in walking, breathing, etc. offer them help. Sometimes a sentence, a piece of chocolate, fresh air, water, etc. can be really helpful.

Keep the temperature mild

Ask your client if the temperature is okay for them. Always keep an eye on the temperature (especially, when the weather is extreme). When it is cold outside, don’t keep the temperature of the heater too high outside and when it is hot out there, keep the air conditioner to a suitable degree.

Don’t be nervous

Your nervousness can affect your client and make them uncomfortable. They should feel peaceful while you are driving and not worrying about an accident. In order to feel calmer, have deep breaths before driving, forget about your problems and try to have a few snacks in the car which makes you feel cool.

Be generous to kids

If your client is having a kid, be kind and generous with kids. Try to be their friend and offer them snacks.

Always obey rules

Obeying rules will show your client that you are a qualified driver and they will not only pay more tips but also give you more stars on the app. The most important rule you need to obey is the pace. Never drive too fast or too slow while you are having a rider.

Happy ending!

When the trip is going to end, ask the passenger friendly for rating on the Uber app (or other rideshare apps) and tell them it was a nice experience having a trip with them. Never ask for tips and let them pay it if they like to.


Even if you did all the tricks above to have a better tip and the passenger avoids giving you tips, don’t worry. Just ask them politely to rate you 5 star on the PHV operator passenger app. This will lead you to be in the top driver list of Uber and gain more customers. Having more clients is equal to more income isn’t it?

Although people can have different reactions for your behavior, we tried to mention the most common issues which can lead you to receive more tips and boost your earnings. We hope it would be useful for all PCO drivers.