Greyhound Crawley

The Greyhound Crawley, truly, the meth the legend; An Indian Restaurant with all the rightful claims; flagship among the best restaurants in the UK. Unrivaled in the field of action. What can be said about Greyhound Crawley restaurant, where words are equal to action. There is no need to define the cuisine of this restaurant; Customers’ comments show high quality of food, unparalleled service, excellent atmosphere, more experienced staff than many restaurants. Compact menu for all tastes; High traffic in ordering food; as recommended by restaurant owners: pre-order your food so that food does not arrive late. This restaurant is really an example of a customer-oriented and experienced restaurant.

Its experienced staff prepares food for all tastes. This restaurant with limited working hours (17 to 21) has fascinated many British people. According to consumers’ reviews, the rating of this restaurant is 4.2 out of 5; Something that is really rare in many restaurants. This article tries to provide a unique menu about this well-known brand, how to communicate with the responsible staff of the restaurant and finally a summary of customers’ opinions. This restaurant really has something to say in the world of modern restaurant.

About the Greyhound Crawley menu

As it mentioned earlier, the menu is consisting of a compact list of foods. A popular dish is Indo-Chinese food, which is an intercultural dish, and in addition to Indonesians, many Chinese are attracted to this restaurant to eat; Moreover, many travelers from all over the world are curious to try this delicious food. A five-listed accompaniments Has been prepared to serve along with main dishes like: Vegetarian Mains, Seafood Mains, Rice & Biryani, Indo-Chinese and…

It seems that half of Greyhound Crawley menu includes vegetarian foods: indo- Chinese, vegetarian mains, rice and biryani and….

And also unlike many restaurants it seems there is no drink in the menu. for more information, a summary will be listed below:


Five items include:

  1. Basket of mixed poppadoms      £ 3.15
  2. Bombay Aloo    £ 4.25
  3. Dal Tadka                       £ 4.25
  4. Gobhi Bhaji     £ 4.25
  5. Mushroom Bhaji      £ 4.25


None items include:

  1. CHICKEN WANG WANG         £ 5.95
  2. CHILLI CHICKEN        £ 4.95
  3. CHILLI PANEER        £ 4.50
  4. CHILLI MOGO                           £ 4.50
  5. CHILLI MUSHROOM       £ 4.50
  6. ……….

Seafood Mains

Six items include:

  1. ROASTED SEA BREAM              £ 14.95
  3. GOAN FISH CURRY £ 11.95
  6. ……..


Nine items include:

  2. GULAB JAMUN £ 4.95
  3. GAJAR KA HALWA £ 4.95
  4. SELECTION OF KULFI Regular £ 4.50
  5. SELECTION OF KULFI Large £ 4.95
  6. ………

Vegetarian Mains

Eighteen items include:

  2. KADHAI KE KAMAL £ 7.50
  5. SPINACH KOFTA £ 6.95
  6. …….

And other dishes that are exist in the menu. To find them look at the menu, or if you are not familiar with the menu for example: Indo- Chinese food or tawa ke buns, aske our expert chiefs to guide you find your best flavor test.

The address of Greyhound Crawley

Spacious place with a terrace offering modern and traditional Indian food plus a pub menu. Located in the United Kingdom among hundreds restaurant, a flagship one indeed. The full address is: Radford Rd, Tinsley Green, Crawley West Sussex RH10 3NS, United Kingdom.

Greyhound Crawley Working hours

The restaurant is open seven days a week; unlike many restaurants, its opening hours is unique, as we show it bellow:

Monday       12–11PM

Tuesday       12–11PM

Wednesday  12–11PM

Thursday     12–11PM

Friday          12–11:30PM

Saturday      12–11:30PM

On public holidays, religious ceremonies, weekends and annual occasions, the restaurant becomes very crowded and the number of food orders increases greatly. The restaurant staff expecting a high demand for takeaways and deliveries. So Pre-order your food on the advice of restaurant staff so as not to delay the food.

How to contact with Greyhound Crawley

phone contact: +44 1293 884220

Finding a famous Indian restaurant in the UK is not a difficult task. With a simple Google search, you can easily find the address of this restaurant. However, there way you can contact. Pick up your phone and deal +44 1293 884220. Our experienced staff will be at you service anytime soon. Ife you are looking forward to have a Dine in or Curbside pickup, or If you want to take an order at weekends, we suggest you call a little earlier, so that your food is not delayed. To reserve a tab there are three active options: Dine-in. Curbside pickup and Delivery.

Greyhound Crawley order

Free Delivery On Orders Over                       £ 25.00

Minimum Order:                                               £ 0.00

Deliveries available from 17:00 to last order at 22:00

health and safety

in Covid-19 time, Greyhound Crawley are fully open and pleasantly looking forward to welcoming you soon; We have followed all the instructions of the government as listed below:

  1. To arrive to the restaurant Mask is required.
  2. Staff must to disinfect surfaces between consumers
  3. stay in queue for a host
  4. don’t carry your contact details in your hand
  5. host will register your details
  6. Your body temperature will be checked at the entrance
  7. The host will guide you to your table
  8. After finishing your meal, you require to pay via our application.
  9. More info is available in our app and in our website.

What do people say:

Among the countless comments this restaurant has received, it is not difficult to seek complements; Instead, despite of many low quality restaurants, you should look for a bad complement, if you can. Restaurant owners pay a lot of attention to the quality and variety of food. Words such as: supper/excellent service, tasty food, grate/lovely atmosphere and unique selection menu are totally common.